Public workshops on sensorial movement and improvisation

As everyday challenges are constant, both in physical and mental level, we often have the sense that we are losing our ability to keep in touch with the pleasure and the meaning of being alive, we stop being adaptable and creative, we feel that life is simply beyond us.

Strengthening our relation with our body, movement and expression, through a practice of sensorial movement and improvisation we can:

  • Have access to fluidity, co-ordination and freedom of movement.
  • Train our concentration and intention, so as to become more conscious in the way we act and interact.
  • Boost our stability and adaptability towards the others and ourselves.
  • Get in touch with the joy of expression, movement and sharing.
  • Enrich our authenticity, imagination and creativity.
  • Change our perspective and our inward and outward points of reference.
  • Place ourselves to the present, while being open to what is coming from the future.