Sensorial movement and improvisation workshops for artists

Irrespective of the artistic area we belong to, we are bound to come up against with several levels of challenge.

In the context of this particular seminar and through a practice of sensorial movement and improvisation, we reach the sensorial part of movement, the entirety and inwardness of the body. In this way, we:

  • Learn how to manage stage stress.
  • Discover how to be in action in the least energy consuming way, so as to minimize the bodily, mental and spiritual exhaustion.
  • Include the inwardness of our body to enhance our quality of presence on stage.
  • Renew and enhance our connection with creativity.
  • Boost authenticity and directness with the audience.
  • Learn how to be more present in our connection with time and space.
  • Have access to the resonance of our actions.
  • Train at the improvisational way of performing.