Improvisation weekly classes

Either as performers, or as humans who did not have the chance till today to be a part of a dance class, by gaining experience of this series of classes, we approach the creative and free side of ourselves, through a particularly deep, touching, fun and original way.

Through the sensorial movement exercises, which are based upon slowness and the perceptive training of oneself, we gain access to our body inwardness, and as a result we become more present at the action, at the relationship with ourselves, the others, the space and time.

Based upon this particular presence quality, we are enriching our expressive means, while playing with move and stillness, sound, breathing, words, space, time, rhythm, imagination.

Thus, we go out of our normal reference points and we come in contact with our creativity, which is being expressed through small group and solo improvisational performances.

This creativity is not being built, but instead is being created spontaneously by the depth of our existence, where creativity and revitalisation are interwoven with life itself.